Agri/Washington offers a diverse array of association management services to keep your association growing. Our one-on-one personal client service assures that elected representatives of the association will get the attention their association deserves. Agri/Washington's basic management contract includes the following services, however, we will accommodate any special needs or request from our clients.

Financial Management - Agri/Washington currently produces budgets and regular financial reports for its associations, as well as, full financial records and banking and investment services. Agri/Washington would invoice members, receive and deposit payments, and make prompt and accurate disbursements.

Accounting Services - Agri/Washington has its own internal bookkeeper, as well as contracts with reputable accounting firms in the Washington, D.C. area. Agri/Washington would follow the accounting procedures deemed by a board of directors, supervise transactions and audits, and be responsible for investments.

Reports - Agri/Washington will maintain complete association records, produce and distribute financial statements, issue reports to the board and government agencies, and be responsible for all required tax and IRS reports, such as Form 990.

Public Relations - Agri/Washington can write and design newsletters, press releases, websites and media alerts and will keep members informed and engaged in their association. We are connected nation-wide with a multitude of media outlets to promote association programs or initiatives.

Meeting Coordination - Agri/Washington currently plans, produces, and manages 15 meetings per year. It would help plan programs, coordinate member volunteers, provide hotel selection and liaison, and provide complete on-site management.

Agri/Washington will also arrange for any special meeting requests, such as spouse programs, tours, etc.

Industry Communications - Agri/Washington assigns a minimum of two telephone lines for association use, provides a full-time professional receptionist on duty from 8:45 AM until 5:30 PM ET, and maintain personal communications to industry and other key publics, including polling and receiving comments and requests.

Program Planning/Implementation - Agri/Washington principals are trained and experienced in program and market development, and are qualified to counsel, supervise, help implement, and evaluate programs, including advertising and publicity, research and crises management, materials fulfillment, and international/domestic market development.

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